Lobster and Apple Bisque
Full recipe using lobster, apples, plums, chicken stock, and heavy cream.

Lobster Bisque
This is a very mild and yet savory bisque.

Lobster Bisque
A fast and simple recipe using lobster, milk, and cream cheese.

Southwestern Corn and Lobster Chowder Post
Recipe using lobster, corn, chicken broth, heavy cream, and jalapeno chili.

Lobster Soups and Stews
A collection of recipes for lobster bisques, stews, chowders, gazpacho, and soup.

Lobster Bisque
Made with fresh lobster, carrots, fish broth, cognac, and wine.

Lobster Stew
A fast and simple recipe using lobster, milk, and heavy cream.

Settlement Lobster Bisque
A simple recipe calling for lobster, chicken broth, and cream.

Lobster Bisque
Recipe using lobster and heavy cream. Includes directions for making lobster stock.

Lobster Stew
Full recipe calling for lobsters and light cream.

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