Cod Soup with Orange
Recipe calling for cod, potatoes, leek, fennel, tomato, orange juice, and fish stock.

Chick-Pea and Cod Soup
Made with salt cod, dried chickpeas, spinach, and saffron.

Fish Stew
Made with cod, potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, string beans, fish broth, and apple juice.

Old-Fashioned Fish Chowder
Made with cod, potatoes, and milk.

Hot & Sour Fish Soup
Recipe calling for cod, lemon grass, lime juice, chilies, and rice.

Fish Stew Mediterranean-Style
Made with cod, tomatoes, onions, chicken broth, and clam juice.

Royal Seafood Soup-Dish
A microwave recipe calling for cod, tomatoes, mushrooms, chicken broth, and wine.

Hearty Cod Soup
This rich soup made with cod, bacon, corn, potatoes, and milk, may be made the day before serving.

Stew and Chowder Recipes
Three cod recipes from Newfoundland.

Smoky Cod and Parsnip Chowder
Made using cod, parsnips, potatoes, milk, and heavy cream.

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