Gingered Fish and Watercress Soup
Made with catfish fillets, dried mushrooms, chicken broth, and watercress.

Catfish Stew
Made with catfish, bacon, red potatoes, hard boiled eggs, pimento, and milk.

Apalachicola River Catfish Stew
Made with catfish, bacon, potatoes, and canned tomato soup.

Catfish Chowder
Made with catfish fillets, bacon, potatoes, and tomatoes.

Catfish Bisque
Catfish, okra, carrots, corn and beans in this recipe from Recipezaar with complete nutritional information.

Shanghai Fish Soup
Made with catfish, mushrooms, tofu, and chicken broth.

Catfish and Shrimp Stew
Made with catfish, shrimp, tomatoes, and white wine.