Great Recipes Online: Salads
A collection of recipes with a user rating feature.

Alicia's Country Kitchen: Philadelphia Cream Cheese Salad Recipes
Includes gelatin, fruit, and frozen salads.

Special Flavors: Salads
A collection of recipes with variations for several of them.

Bears in the Kitchen: Salads
Salads and dressings recipes including Curried Apple Orzo Salad and Champagne Salad Dressing. Salads
A collection of various types of salads listed alphabetically. Salads
A searchable collection of recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens: Salads and Dressings
Includes preparation times and nutritional information.

A collection of salad recipes including bean, fruit, ham, tuna, pea, and taco.

A large, searchable index of salad recipes.

Salad Recipes
A collection of recipes listed by category from

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