Holiday Meats
Safe food preparation, roasting times and temperatures for many kinds of meat and poultry.

Food Safety Monitor
Provides information about meat recalls and meat alternatives from news sources, articles, and government information.

Home Food Safety
Lists common sources of infection in food and invites questions by email.

Facts about Food Irradiation
Information from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

ScientificAmerican: Is It Safe to Eat?
Discussion and links on assorted food safety issues.

Fight Bac!
Information about cross-contamination and how bacteria spreads. On the Safe Side
Article on a number of safety in the kitchen subjects.

Australian Food Safety Web
Provides tips, facts and information.

Turkey Safety
Basic tips on how to thaw, stuff, cook, and store turkey properly.

Food Irradiation
Asserts that the process is unsafe, and was originally approved based on flawed research.

More Safety Sites