Everything About Food
A food network site with nutritional information, health and dieting tips, recipes, industry links, and food science for kids.

How to Cook Exotic Food
Sample recipes from the book by Delroy Angus Neita for chicken with lime sauce and mango, and mango punch.

Virtues of Soy
A health guide and cookbook dedicated entirely to soy. Recipe of the month, health benefits of soy, and soy FAQs.

Cooking With Shirley
Cooking basics, cooking help, and cookbooks.

Fannie Farmer Cookbook
Online publication of 1918 classic edition of the book.

Nana's Kitchen
Nana's cookbook, household hints from 1902 to 2002, quotes, and printable shopping lists.

An Alberta Family Cookbook
Recipes from the 1996 edition of "Liens Love to Cook". Recipes from family and friends over 5 generations. The hard copy version is out of print, but you can still use the searchable online version for free.

Info-Galaxy Cookbook
Information on food, fine wines and cheeses. Recipes for basic salads to entrees and desserts.