Food Service
Provides food service recipes in download formats.

Apricot Foodservice Size Recipes
A handfull of recipes designed for large groups or crowds.

Head Start Recipes
A small collection of dishes meeting their specific cost and nutrition standards.

Link Culinaire Recipes
A large index of chef recipes designed for restaurant use and large crowds.

Buttered Carrots
Two recipes included, one for feeding 6-8 people and one for feeding 250 people. Other ingredients include white wine, currants, and dates.

Serves 100
A chart to calculate how much food is needed to serve 100 people; from

Recipes for 50 Persons or More
Includes spareribs and barbecue sauce, spaghetti and hamburger sauce, potato salad, and meat loaf and tomato sauce.

Recipes and Cooking
A selection of foodservice recipes using potatoes.

Recipes from Challenge
Recipes from a competition to develop recipes for schools.

Alaska Seafood
Recipes for quantity seafood preparation.

More Quantity Cooking Sites