Pasticcio With Spinach And Feta
A baked pasta dish that uses both cheese and eggs.

Vegetarian Dried Pasta Collection
This index contains such recipes as Angel Hair Pasta With Herbs, Macaroni With Blue Cheese Sauce, and Grilled Pepper Pasta to name just a few.

Angel Hair Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato & Fresh Fennel Pesto
A meatless sauce served over fresh angel hair pasta.

In a Vegetarian Kitchen- Pasta
Meatless pasta dishes served as salads.

Vegetarian Low Fat Pasta Recipes
A large assortment of low fat pasta recipes for the health conscious or those on a vegetarian diet.

I Love Pasta - Meatless Pasta Recipes
Includes recipes for lasagna, baked pasta, dessert pasta to name just a few in this large collection. Perfect Pasta Recipes without Meat
CDKitchen Online Cookbook offers almost three dozen meatless pasta recipes.

Al Dente Pasta - Vegetarian Recipes
Curry Pasta Salad, Red Chili Pasta with Fresh Corn & Tomato Salsa, and Angel Hair with Roasted Plum Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs are just a few of the recipes in this original collection.

Penne Pasta with Lemon Infused Vegetables and Ricotta Salata
Shiitake mushrooms give this recipe a rich, meaty flavor.

Vegetarian Cuisine - From
Vegetarian pasta recipes, from your Guide

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