Lasagne with Sausage
Lasagne with sausage, spinach and tomato cream sauce.

Mushroom Pesto Lasagna
A unique recipe that uses a creamy bechamel sauce, and a pesto sauce instead of the traditional tomato sauce.

Lasagna Chicken Florentine
Shredded chicken, spinach, and cheese are used in this lasagne recipe.

Crab Meat and Lobster Lasagna
Containing seafood and spinach in a creamy white sauce, this is a rich, filling lasagna.

Lasagna Collection
An assortment of various lasagnas including three vegetarian selections.

Polenta Lasagna
Layers of creamy polenta are used in place of egg pasta noodles in this unusual meatless lasagna.

Healthy Lasagna
A low fat, healthy lasagna recipe made with whole wheat noodles, ground turkey, and reduced fat cheeses.

Wild Mushroom Lasagna
A mix of wild mushrooms are layered between fresh pasta and creamy cheese sauce to make this lasagna.

Ricotta and Basil Lasagna
A white lasagne made simply with cheese and seasonings.

Lasagne Recipes Index
From Rock Lobster Lasagna, to Tofu Lasagna, here are a variety of lasagne recipes to choose from.

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