Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup
Turkey roasting basics and safety tips along with recipes for side dishes and desserts.

Thanksgiving Recipes and Crafts
An index of turkey recipes, vegetables your kids might eat, and crafts to help plan the perfect Thanksgiving. From

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Thanksgiving recipes, also has links to family and classroom Thanksgiving projects.

An Authentic Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
Information about the first Thanksgiving and recipes with a 1600s flair.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie
From "What's Cooking with Jennifer Raymond", Nov. 1999 issue of Vegan News.

Thanksgiving Food Safety
Better Homes and Gardens safety tips for the perfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens
Collection of main dish, side, stuffing and gravy, and dessert recipes.'s Thanksgiving
Thankgiving recipes, meal planning, menu ideas, and cooking tips.

Alicia's Country Kitchen
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Thanksgiving Menu & Recipes
A traditional Southern Thanksgiving menu with recipes, plus more on sweet potatoes, desserts, and side dishes.

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