Halloween Recipes at Recipe Goldmine
Large collection of Halloween recipes, indexed alphabetically.

Halloween Drinks
Small collection of alcoholic beverages with a goulish theme.

Verna Lisa's Hallowe'en
Presents recipes and other holiday ideas.

Halloween Food and Cooking
Site provides an extensive collection of recipes and general information.

Halloween Recipes
A large index of recipes for child and adult Halloween party treats.

Masterstech Halloween Recipes
An index of treat for Halloween.

Halloween Double Feature
Homemade treats and what to do with leftover commercial candies.

Deadly Halloween Recipes
Easy to make Halloween beverages, main dishes and treats, ranging from Spooky Spiced Chicken to Scary Faced Pizzas and Pumpkin Cakes to Chocolate Ghost Cookies.

Pumpkin Recipes Galore
Extensive collection of recipes for pumpkins and related data.

Britta Halloween Recipes
A small collection of Halloween party recipes. Featuring The Gelatinous Eyeballs.

More Halloween Sites