Selecting, Storing and Using Fresh Herbs
A fact sheet on the topic, from Ohio State University Extension. Includes practical table of culinary herb uses.

Make your own herbal vinegars
Create herbal vinegars for cooking and adding flavor, beauty treatments and for medicinal uses.

Starchefs: Edible Flowers
A listing of recipes using edible flowers as ingredients.

Culinary Herb FAQ
All you ever wanted to know - and ask on a newsgroup - more often than once a month - about culinary herbs. A FAQ for rec.gardens, alt.folklore.herbs, and the culinary herblist.

Kitchen Herbalist Recipes
Food, beverage, body and home care recipes using herbs, including Cinnamon Mint Tea and Summer Salad with Heather Vinaigrette. .

L'Aquila Saffron
Provides history and uses.

A old recipe for aromatic seasoning taken from a book published in 1931, written in fairy old English.

Brief introduction as well as some Scandinavian recipes using cardamom.

An informative site about spices, including a spice encyclopedia, usage tips and seasonal recipes.

Wild Greek Oregano - All About
About, History and Uses of wild Greek oregano, the perennial herb Origanum vulgaris.

More Herbs and Spices Sites