New Jersey Candied Turnips
Turnips browned in caramelized sugar.

Hakurei Turnip and Pork Fricassee
Includes cajun seasoning and chicken broth.

Description from Cooks' Encyclopedia.

Potato Turnip Casserole
Uses also a potato, heavy cream, and spices.

Turnip Sauté
Uses turnips, butter, and sugar. From Recipe Source.

Very Good Turnip Greens
Uses canned turnip greens, bacon, and hard-cooked eggs.

Turnip Recipes from Hugs's Homeheart
Two recipes, one for hashed turnips and one for young turnips stewed in butter.

Turnip Custard
A crockpot recipe.

Turnip Greens
Description from the Cooks' Encyclopedia.

My Best Turnips
Easy recipe for country style boiled turnips.