Recipes for sorbet, salads, sauteed persimmons, chutney.

Creamy Persimmon Tart
Also uses cream cheese and orange marmalade.

Just Fruit Recipes: Persimmon
Puddings, pies, cakes, cookies, breads, salads and rolls are some of the recipes presented.

Indiana Persimmon Almond Pudding Cake
Calles for ground almonds and buttermilk.

Persimmon Information Storge Tips
From Epicurious Food.

Steamed Persimmon Pudding with Brandy Sauce
Includes instructions for the sauce.

California Poached Persimmons
Uses Fuyu persimmons. May be served warm or chilled over ice cream, rice pudding, or bread pudding.

Spicy Persimmon Bread Recipe
Vegan if egg replacer is used.

Rhodes Family Farms
A collection including cookies, bars, cakes, fudge, ice cream, pudding, soup, salad, and jam.

Persimmon Nut Bread
Flavorful bread that also uses dates.

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