RecipeLu's Parsnip Recipes
Puree, and one for parsnips in honey.

Just Vegetable Recipes - Parsnip Recipes.
Small collection of recipes with parsnip as the main ingredient.

Parsnip Curry
Spicy Indian dish.

Parsnip Recipes
Serve them in a soufflé, as chips, baked, as a soup or with a roast. Includes growing tips.

Carrot and Parsnip Latkes
From Good Housekeeping.

Pear and Parsnip Puree
Simple recipe made with pears, parsnips, and heavy cream.

Parsnip Recipes
Over a dozen recipes using this vegetable, from

Buttered Fried Parsnips
Recipe includes nutmeg and parsley.

Parsnip Recipes
Recipes for soup, stewed parsnips, cakes, salad, and wine.