Fig Recipes
A mix of dried and fresh fig recipes including some for stuffed figs, jam, cake, pudding, fillings, canned figs, preserves; from Texas A&M horticulture department.

Chocolate Coated Rum Figs
Can be prepared a few days in advance.

Fig Recipes
Fresh fig recipes including some for salads, muffins, stuffing, main dishes.

Shoebox Recipes - Fig Newtons
Makes 40 fig newtons.

California Fig Advisory Board Recipes and Contest
A list of simple ideas for using figs, plus links to recipes for fig bars, salads, pancakes, and a variety of other dishes.

Just Fruit Recipes - Figs
Recipes include pies, cookies, cakes, jam, bread, muffins, and sauces.

Fig Newtons
Uses canned figs.

Fig Recipes
From the Detroit Free Press, recipes for stuffed figs, figs and prosciutto, green salad, chicken with figs, baked figs, and zabaglione.