Soyfoods Directory
Extensive resource on soy foods. Includes information on research, nutrition, organizations, and cooking. Recipes for a variety of soy products including tofu, TVP, miso, tempeh, and soymilk.

Stratsoy: Soy Resources and Recipes
Features an extensive library of nutrition information and product resources, as well as some recipes.

Soyfoods Canada
Soy recipes, information about soy products and other soy resources from the Canadian national trade association, Soyfoods Canada.

The Soy Daily Fan Club
Scientific, medical and fun facts and information. Includes recipes and a bulletin board for discussions.

Recipezaar Soybean Recipes
A small selection of recipes, including sweet and sour soybeans, each with complete nutritional analysis.

Solae Soy Protein
Offers tofu, soybeans, soymilk and soy recipes. Also provides a directory of soy products, and information on soy protein diet and health benefits.

Soy Recipes
Collection of recipes containing various soy products.

Vegging Out: Soy Recipes
Recipes for a variety of soybean products.

Soy Product - The Atom of Health Food
Covers the uses of soy. Features a recipe exchange forum, and health information.