Wholesome Baby Foods from Scratch
Detailed guidelines on cooking methods, serving and storage, what to serve, and vegetarian recipes.

Baby Food: Nutritional Content
Article offering information provided by the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC), about the contents of baby food.

France's Kitchenette
Homemade recipes for babies and toddlers. Including a selection of teething biscuit recipes.

Veggies Unite Recipe
Single but unique baby recipe from this vegetarian/vegan website. Uses spinach, potatoes, and garlic.

Recipes for Kids
Food for babies and toddlers.

Baby Food Recipes
Information to get you started cooking food for your baby. Easy and interesting recipes.

Baby Foods
A collaboration with the Homecooking Guide to discuss pesticides, labeling, starting solids, recipes and preparation for homemade baby food.

Preparing Baby Food
Safety rules to follow when preparing food for baby, and recipes.

Making Baby Food
Guidelines for making baby food and introducing them to the baby at the right age. Includes a few sample recipes. An article written in 1995, from the Food Science and Human Nutrition Dept., Iowa State University Extension.

Baby Food
Selection of fruit and vegetable purees.

More Baby Food Sites