Sarah's Fondue Recipe
Gourmet cheese fondue recipe to be served with smoked chicken, turkey, or ham.

Crockpot Cheese Fondue Dip from RecipeSource
Makes use of canned condensed cheese and grated sharp cheddar.

Minced Lamb Fondue from RecipeSource
Recipe for the fondue pieces and a mushroom sauce to go with it.

Virtual Fondue
Recipes for cheese, meat, and dessert fondues.

Swiss Cheese Fondue
Vegetarian recipe using Gruyere, Appenzeller, and Tilsit cheeses.

Fondue Revival
A little history plus a broth-based recipe.

Rediscovering Fondue
History, how-to, tips and recipes for home cooking from

Fondue Recipes at Better Homes and Gardens
A collection of fondue recipes including Meat Fondue with Southwestern Cocktail Sauce and Mocha Fondue.

Foolproof fondue
Microwave recipe with several suggested variations.

Welsh Fondue
Made with finely chopped leeks, lager, and Caerphilly cheese.

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