Sole New-Orleans-Style
Sole sauteed with bell peppers, tomato, wine, and hot sauce.

Sole Florentine
Sauteed sole fillets baked with spinach and tomato sauce.

Poached Sole Fillets, Vermouth Sauce
Sole poached over shrimp shells and vermouth.

Healthy Sole Filet with Almonds
Sole baked with lemon juice, butter, and almonds.

Sole Fillets with Worcestershire Sauce
Sole baked with Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and butter.

Sole Fillets and Scalloped Potatoes
Baked sole served with potatoes, mushrooms, and leeks.

Sole Bercy
Rolled sole fillets cooked in the microwave with wine, lemon juice, and butter.

Sole Parisian-Style
Sole cooked in a microwave oven with tomatoes, mushrooms, wine, and cream.

Almond Sole
A microwave recipe using sole fillets, butter, lemon juice, and almonds.

Sole Recipes
A handful of sole recipes including Mousseline of Sole with Prawns and Sole Colbert.

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