Drying Vegetables
Facts, information about nutritional value, drying trays, selection and pretreatment, and methods; from Colorado State University.

Drying Foods
Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on the benefits of drying foods, preparation, pre-treatment, equipment needed, and a drying table for a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Drying Foods
Comprehensive site that covers drying food indoors and outdoors, pre-treating of foods, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, food leathers, jerky, remedies for problems, FAQs; from the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

How Stuff Works
An explanation of all the different ways used to preserve food; from freezing to irradiation.

Food Drying
Covers the basics of solar food drying; from Backwoods Home Magazine, by Marcella Shaffer.

Quality for Keeps -- Drying Foods
Basics of food preservation methods, a little history, how to select a dehydrator, safety advice; from the Cooperative Extension Service, University of Missouri.

Fruit Leather
Simple instructions on making it at home, using bananas, squash, tomato, or any other fruit or vegetable.

Dehydrating Food at Home
Detailed instructions for picking suitable foods and then drying them; from the University of Utah.

A Review of Solar Food Drying
Techniques, equipment, problem-solving, bibliography.

How-to information for drying foods in dehydrators. Includes guides for bananas, pineapple, and biltong.

More Drying and Dehydrating Sites