Garlic Recipes from Keremeos Produce
This collection includes garlicky recipes for soup, potatoes, mayonnaise, and jelly.

White Asparagus and Green Garlic Soup by David Sellers
Recipe includes fresh green garlic, asparagus, vegetable stock, white wine, cream, and thyme

Chipotle Rub from Epicurious
A very spicy rub includes dried chipotle chilies, ancho chilies and 25 garlic cloves. Makes about 3 1/4 cups. From The Mexican Grill, Chef Reed Hearon

Garlic Ice Cream from RecipeSource
Relies on unflavored gelatin.

Garlic by GourmetSleuth
In-depth article includes forms and uses, nutrition, health benefits, recipes, and steps on how to grow.

Gourmet Garlic Gardens - Preserving
Two recipes for pickling garlic as well as various tips on other preservation methods such as freezing, drying, and storing in oil.

Green Garlic from GourmetSleuth
Article about culinary uses for green garlic. Includes tips on how to grow, use, store as well as recipe links.

Garlic Crostini from
Simple recipe makes a good accompaniment to salad or soups or use as a quick appetizer.

Boundary Garlic Farm Recipes
Recipes using fresh garlic, how to test the flavors of various garlics, testing cooked and raw garlic.

Garlic Recipes
Small collection of recipes using mostly fresh garlic, including sorbet, bruschetta, salsa, roasted garlic potatoes, shrimp. Downloadable word document.

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