Breakfast recipes categorized by region and food category.

Eggnog Pancakes with Cranberry Sauce
Using a pancake mix made with eggnog instead of milk. Served with canned cranberry sauce.

Breakfast Recipes
Recipes for a variety of breakfasts from an onion pie, to gingerbread waffles with chocolate sauce, or bacon and egg breakfast tarts.

Cafe Creosote
A collection of nearly 70 breakfast recipes.

Baker's Dozen
Brunch and breakfast recipes from That's My Home.

Anywhere But In the Kitchen
Easy, fast, healthy recipes for breakfast, also recipes and tips exchange.

The Low-Fat Recipe Box Menu
A small collection of healthy breakfast dishes, from Benedictine University.

Grandma's Pancake Recipes
Presents a selection of recipes including rye pancakes, Ham and Wheat Griddle Cakes, and Johnnycake.

Breakfast Recipes
A list of 30+ breakfast recipes from Recipe America.

Breakfast Recipes
Selection of recipes including Grapefruit Crunch, Hawaiian Toast with Custard Sauce, and Swiss Muesli.

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