Pineapple Liqueur
Made with fresh pineapples, sugar, and vodka.

Bailey's Irish Cream
Whiskey creamed with eggs, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate topping, and coconut essence.

Kiwi Liqueur Recipes
A pair of experimental recipes for kiwi liqueur.

Anise-Cumin-Fennel Aquavit
Spice-flavoured potato vodka from Culinary Cafe. Yields 1.75 quarts.

Homemade Banana Liqueur
From Homemade Liqueurs by Dona and Mel Meilach, this recipe offers variation in spices, and how to make creme de banana.

Liqueur Recipes from Cocktails in the Mail
Recipes for Amaretto, apple and cinnamon vodka, Irish Cream, Kahlua, and cherry, banana, orange-Cognac, orange, and raspberry liqueurs.

Making Liqueurs and Cordials
Introduction to liqueur making, recipes for fruit, berries, herb and spices liqueurs, and resources.

Irish Cream Liqueur from
This recipe is cooked and uses milk chocolate. It will keep for several weeks in fridge, and yields three 750ml (24 oz) bottles.

Coffee Flavored Liqueur from
Made with white sugar, water, instant coffee granules, vodka, and a vanilla bean.

Viryta (Honey Liqueur)
Made with cinnamon bark, vanilla bean, yellow ginger, white ginger, nutmeg, whole cloves, whole allspice, cardamom seeds, and caraway, water, orange and lemon rind, honey, and 190-proof grain alcohol, rye whiskey, or vodka.

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