The All Inclusive Lemonade Cookbook
A large collection of recipes covering a wide selection of flavors and blends such as beet or chocolate lemonade.

Epicurious Drinking
A collection of lemonade recipes.

Lemonade Drinks from RecipeSource
Selection of recipes of various flavours.

Lemonade from Café Creosote
Simple recipe requiring boiling water and sugar for one minute, and mixing the syrup with lemon juice. Can be served with mint ice cubes, which are made by freezing a mint leaf in water.

Pineapple Limeade
Simple and refreshing recipe using pineapple and lime juice, and club soda.

Lemonade Recipes at iChef
Over twenty various fruit combination and drink bases.

Virgin Libations
Five beverage recipes using Newman's Own Lemonade as a base.

Moms Online
Collection of 10 different recipes.

Make-Ahead Lemonade
Recipes for lemonade bases, with different fruit variations. From Better Homes and Gardens magazine, July 1993.

Peach Lemonade
A syrup made of peaches, sugar, and water, mixed with lemon juice.

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