White Hot Chocolate Mix
Powder pre-made with grated white chocolate, vanilla powder, and dried orange peel. Served mixed in milk.

Spiced Tea
A low-budget, flavored tea mix made from instant tea and kool-aid.

Hot Chocolate Mix
Makes use of Quik chocolate milk powder, powdered sugar, powdered milk, and coffee creamer.

Hot Jim's Dry Hot Chocolate Mix
Made with Nestlé instant cocoa, powdered sugar, Coffee Mate, and powdered milk.

Homemade Instant Coffee
Three simple recipes for instant powders.

Tang Tea Mix
Using the popular orange crystals and lemon tea mix to which a few spices are added.

Russian Tea
Made with orange drink crystals and dry lemonade mix.

Hot Cocoa Mix
A basic mix to which mint chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows are added. Instructions for gift giving are included.

Hot Drink Dry Mixes
Recipes such as cafe Vienna, coffee toffee, hot choco-coffee, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, and a few others, and instructions for what to write on the label if used as a gift.

Amaretto Coffee Creamer
Non-dairy creamer flavored with almond extract and cinnamon.

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