New Year's B-52 Coffee Recipe
A recipe for the B-52 coffee drink, containing Bailey's, Kahlua and Grand Marnier

All Canadian Coffee
A maple syrup and rye enhanced coffee. From RecipeSource.

Frozen Coffee Shakes
The flavors of ice cream, coffee, and liqueurs can be mixed and matched for an almost unlimited number of shake combinations. Recipe presented uses vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur.

Irish Coffee
Serving 4 to 6, it is made with whiskey, hot black coffee, and heavy cream.'s Coffee Drinks
A collection of liqueur enhanced coffee recipes.

Jamaican Coffee
Coffee served with coffee liqueur and whipped cream.

Coffee Nudge from Allrecipes
Richly enhanced with coffee flavored liqueur, brandy and creme de cacao.

The Original Irish Coffee
Simple recipe for one serving, using coffee, sugar cubes, and whiskey.

Coffee Beverages with Alcohol from RecipeSource
Coffees with a little pick-me-up and recipes for making coffee liqueur.