King of Cocktails
Martini recipes and tips to make a better cocktail for the home and professional bartender.

Chocolate Martini
Made with milk, dark, or semisweet chocolate, chocolate liqueur, and vodka. From Perfect Entertaining.

Zigy's Martini Lounge
The making of a perfect martini, complete with blueprint drawing.

The Martini
A personal collection of recipes, along with the author's views on the drink, and a guide to martinis in Seattle.

Martini World Recipes
Small collection of recipes including the "007", Cajun, dirty, dry, and Cognac martinis.

Strub's Sweet Gherkintini
A martini with a pickled gherkin.

Wild Blue Yonder
Shaken over ice and poured straight up, a blend of vodka, schnapps and Blue Curacao. From Dewey's Recipes.