The Small Engine Advisor
Features a variety of consumer oriented informational resources for servicing lawn and garden equipment, including a free online troubleshooting guide for 4 stroke engines. - Home & Garden
Offers ratings on lawn care and gardening products.

Design guidance and tips, advice and suggestions for gardeners in the UK.

Doctor Mower's Guide
Provides lawn and garden equipment seasonal maintenance and safety tips and motor problem solving suggestions.

Epinions: Lawn and Garden
Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.

Provides information from North Carolina State University professionals about lawn maintenance, grass diseases, weed control and lawn pests, plant disease and insect clinic. Includes downloads for reports.

Lawn Care Plans, HYG-1191-93
Discusses proper lawn care.

The Scotts Company
Manufactures Ortho, Miracle-Gro, Roundup and Turf Builder products. Offers tips and advice and what to do now to your lawn and garden.

Plant Advertisments: Fact versus Fiction
Compares the claims made for Austrees, Zoysia grass, Canada Green, and the Mosquito Plant with facts deemed reliable. Also provides general guidelines for evaluating claims.

Lawn Care Plans, HYG-1191-93
Discusses proper lawn care.

Aluminum Flagpoles
Seidel Flags & Flagpoles - commercial and residential flagpoles, flagpole lights, flags - state, country, historical and more

Outdoor Furniture
Outdoor furniture and patio accessories.

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