Antique Jewelry Online
Jewelry history features take readers through the popular styles during specific eras. Also includes gemstone lore and articles about materials used to make jewelry.

Emporia State University - Everything about Diamonds
A tutorial about the history and characteristics of diamond. Includes facts about diamond mining.

Enchanted Learning
An illustrated glossary, including terms that describe fine and costume jewelry, gemstones, and jewelry making.

The Guide to Buying Fine Jewelry Online
Provides information on how to choose, buy and care for fine jewelry, from diamonds, pearls, precious gems, semiprecious gemstones, platinum, yellow and white gold to sterling silver.

Diamond - About Diamonds
Consumer's guide on buying loose gemstones, rings and engagement bands. Talk forum and quotes.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Provides a description of traditional jewelry metals, diamonds, and pearls, and includes advice to help consumers make decisions when buying and repairing jewelry.

Gem Gallery - The
Photos of gemstones, each accompanied by a description of the gem's properties and where it is commonly found. Includes instructions for close-up gem photography.

Buy a Diamond
Diamond buying advice. Includes facts about the origins of diamonds and how the stones progress from rough to cut.

Diamond Treatments
An explanation of the treatments commonly used to improve the appearance of a diamond. Additional links lead to more facts about diamonds.

Casio G2300 "Anniversary Edition" G-Shock Watch Review
Review points out some issues in design and operation.

Diamond rings, wedding rings and engagement rings
Beautiful diamond rings, wedding rings and engagement rings are waiting to be seen at Excel Diamonds.  Come to us for all of your wedding jewelry needs.

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