Buying A Home
Includes advice for prospective buyers.

The Voice of the Consumer
UK based consumer reviews, price comparison and online shopping on thousands of products.
Offers tips on financing, real estate agents, negotiating, builders and scams.

Preservation, Care and Display of Glass
Tips and advice for preserving glass keepsakes.

Recessed Ceiling Lighting
From a merchant sales site, a discussion of proper lighting.

Preservation of Metal Items
Tips and advice for perserving metal heirlooms and keepsakes. Cookware Product Reviews
Identifies which products reviewers like and dislike, where they agree or disagree, and why.

The National Roofing Contractors Association
Consumer information section of the Association's homepage. Gives advisory bulletins, advice for homeowners about roofs, glossary, roof checkup guide.

Choosing the Right Home
Top 10 tips to home buying from a commercial site.

Preservation of Paper Items
Tips and advice for preserving paper items around the house, such as documents and books.

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