Better Homes and Gardens: Home Security Guide
Maintain your peace of mind with practical tips and advice.

Crime Doctor
Security tips from Chris E. McGoey, in the fields of security, loss prevention, and crime prevention.

Holiday Decorations Safety Tips
Learn to decorate your home safely during the holidays, including having a safe Christmas tree, lights, candles, trimmings, and preventing fires.

SafeDragon Inc.
Purpose is to organize safety information conveniently.
Information about anti-virus software reviews and home security issues.

Chemicals in the Home
Replace household chemicals with much safer alterneatives which are more ecologically sound, and cheaper and safer for us to use.

Providing candle safety information for consumers, producers, and suppliers.

Home Security Alarm Systems
Offers security systems comparison shopping.

CPSC Releases Safety Tips for the Holiday Season
Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests safe handling of trees, Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, and fireplaces.