Internet safety, protecting online privacy, virus prevention, web security and e-mail tips.

Privacy Initiatives
Government Site that is run by the Federal Trade Commission. Information about how the government can help protect kids and the general public. It has lots of information about official policies.

Private and Anonymous Surfing Tutorial
Offers a few tips for configurations for your computer programs to obtain a higher degree of privacy, safety and anonymity. [English and Dutch]

Outlook Express Security Tutorial
Learn how to backup your Outlook Express (OE) Email, investigate the Windows Registry and transfer your email account and rules settings to another PC.

Computer Security Resources
Articles on viruses, encryption and firewalls.

Consumer Guide to Internet Safety, Privacy and Security
Offers tips and advice for maintaining online privacy and security, and how to keep children safe online.

Protect Your Privacy and E-mail on the Internet
Guide to protecting privacy and personal information. Includes information on protecting passwords, e-mail software, IP numbers, encryption, firewalls, anti-virus software, and related resources.

Spyware watch
Spyware info and tools.

Online Security Tips for Consumers of Financial Services
Advice for conducting secure online transactions.

ISA Alliance Common Sense Guides
Common sense PDF guides to improve computer security.

More Security Sites