My Volvo Experience
Vehicle owner describes problems dealing with Volvo Canada's customer service department and being refused warranty claim on defective sunroof.

FreeLander Head Gasket
A Land Rover owner describes head gasket failure at 23,000 miles with their FreLander and is looking for similar complaints from other owners who have regularly serviced, pre 50,000 mile vehicles with the same problem.

Ah Ohh Better Not Get Maaco
Message board for Maaco experiences. Post by city and state.
Information about car problems, complaints and repairs. Research what problems owners have experienced with their vehicles.

Porsche 968 Pinion Bearing Problem
Claims pinion bearings in the Porsche 968 fail prematurely due to a manufacturing flaw and complaints from owners are ignored.

General Tire Damage
Consumer provides details and photos of an accident that occurred when the tire of his vehicle disintegrated without warning.

Alfa See Ya - Warranty Lies and Tales
Writer states "if you're an owner of an Alfa Leisure Product whether it's a 5th wheel or diesel pusher your extended warranty is contracted to Mechnical Breakdown Administrators in Scottsdale Arizona. This company who is controlled by Allstate Insurance conducts its business like it does when it denies its auto policy claims". Offers recommendation for how to deal with the situation.