Consumers fighting back against bad customer service, companies not replacing bad merchandise. General public opinion on good and/or bad companies and their treatment of consumers needs.

National Assn. of Railroad Passsengers
This national organization, does not represent the interest of those who are advocating the revival of old steam trains; but preferably modern, economically viable, and environmentally safe surface transportation.

Nonprofit Watch
Investigate public interest groups and raise issues regarding transparency, conflicts of interest, and accountability within the nonprofit community.

National Institute for Consumer Education (NICE)
Consumer education benefits, consumer competency, history of consumer education in the U.S.

Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings HADD
A consumer protection group for homeowners and homebuyers.

Safety Equipment Institute
This is a safety certification organization.

Consumers Union
Materials developed by Consumers Union's advocacy offices on a variety of consumer issues, including health care, financial services, food safety, and product safety.

Cooperative Information Super Highway
- Information about co-operatives (cooperatives), business co-operative worldwide and from all sectors of the economy, and the International Co-operative Alliance, their apex organisation

Coalition for Consumer's Rights
Reports on issues ranging from the civil justice system, insurance costs and health care quality, to workplace and consumer safety, economic and environmental issues. Based in Chicago, Illinois.

International Consumer Rights Protection Council
Provides guidance and help to take action through the Consumer Court against the defaulter whether it is a manufacturer, dealer, educational institute or service provider. Based in India.

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